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Return Policy

Return Policy, Conditions of use.
Please! Read thoroughly!


With few exceptions, all of our sales are FINAL. We ask that you shop and order carefully as health, legal & other concerns prohibit returns of much of the product we sell. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing they have not been sold a previously used and/or returned item.


We take our customer's health & safety seriously; any opened item returned is thrown in the trash, which is why we cannot issue a refund even if an item is returned. We obviously cannot resell a used item and there is no way to tell if a returned item has been used. Health regulations prohibit resale of these types of products ( we obviously cannot resell an item that might cause illness, and there is no way to tell).


To assist you in considering an item, you are welcomed to send us an email for a further description of the item. We will make every effort to answer you in a timely manner with as much information as we have on the item.



We operate a fair and honest business and make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction. Should you have any need or desire to contact us, call (800) 398-9956, or use the Contact Us link. We take all communication seriously and appreciate compliments and testimonials on our service as well as our prices.


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